On Demand Webinars

Facing and Transforming the Fear of Change

Explore both why and how to face your fear as part of the process of making conscious and successful changes in your career, relationships, retirement, and the overall quality of your life. Acknowledging fear-based obstacles as part of the process of creating career and life changes can bring forth new openings…allowing positive change and transforming your life!

Available for purchase at Living Forward LLC

Cost:  $29 (USD)

Using the Wisdom-Energy of Your Body to Create Positive Change” 

“Using the Wisdom-Energy of Your Body to Create Positive Change” is the fourth in the 2017 Being Human webinar series.

Learn how to:

  • Pay attention to body signals that indicate where you’re holding back your energy
  • Open your energy by focusing on what makes you feel inspired and engaged
  • Create positive and authentic change by focusing your energy in new directions

Available for purchase at Living Forward LLC

Cost:  $29 (USD)

Defining Heart-Centered Success in Your Own Terms for Your Work and Whole Life

I invite you to join me and interested others in this 50-minute illuminating and interactive opportunity to explore what it is to define heart-centered success for yourself in your work and your whole life! 

Learn how to:

  • Understand more clearly how defining your own sense of professional and personal success helps you make the changes you really want
  • Open your awareness to what makes work "heart-centered" and in flow with your whole life
  • Bypass the "inner critic" that holds you back— and go forward with more authentic and liberating possibilities for working in harmony with how you live your life

Available for purchase at Living Forward LLC

Cost:  $29 (USD)

Group Presentations

I enjoy helping people in group settings who are feeling stuck in career and other life transitions learn how to move forward again with confidence, clarity, and passion!  Over the past decade, I've offered a range of lively, interactive teleclasses, as well as presentations in educational, business, and alternative lifestyle settings on how to be pro-active in creating positive changes with awareness and purpose.  

If your group or organization would like to host an on-site presentation, retreat, or teleclass using coaching techniques to motivate your members or staff, I invite you to contact me for a free consultation

Previous Presentations

  • Successful Transitioning to Heart-Centered Livelihood and Life in Balance
  • Defining Success in Your Own Terms
  • Facing the Fear of Change
  • What Is It to Live Fulfilled?
  • Getting Real— Living Life Like You Mean It!
  • How to Create Career and Life Choices that Matter! 

I'm also happy to create presentations focused on the particular interests of your group or organization.  


Agilent Technologies, Association for Humanistic Psychology (AHP), California State University at Hayward, Elephant Pharmacy (Berkeley, Palo Alto, San Rafael, CA), San Francisco Gay Buddhist Fellowship, San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, and Stanford University Alumni Association


"I could hear lots of people participating in your teleclass today about facing the fear of change. It was great to hear the way you facilitate and engage people with both coaching and somatic awareness.  Great learning for me! Really, the class seemed too short."

      — Jeanne-Elvire Adotevi, CPCC, Executive & Leadership Co-Active Coach

"I really enjoyed your teleclass, 'Facing the Fear of Change'!  I learned some new things that will be very useful in my work, especially the need for more support and collaboration. Now I want to look at your book! I really liked the experiential quality of your class and found lots of value in the back and forth conversations between you and the participants.  Well done!"

      — Maggie Marshall, spiritual health practitioner, www.marshallhealing.com

"Great presentation, Eve!  You have a fantastic presence, and I look forward to working together on another project together soon!"

       — Farhana Huq, Director, Surf Life Executive Coaching surflifecoaching.com

"I'm so glad I was part of your class about celebrating our lives. It was such a timely and appropriate thing to do just before the holidays. I was really moved by your attentiveness and presence. In a year when the balance has tipped more towards worry and anxiety, it was important that you helped us invoke our moments of success and serenity, too."

      — Ida Alamuddin, novelist & artist, Novato, California