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Using the Wisdom-Energy of Your Body to Create Positive Change


Did you know that you have a great built-in resource that can help you create positive change in your work and your life?  If that sounds exciting to you, join me for my new webinar, "Using the Wisdom-Energy of Your Body to Facilitate Positive Change," that's coming up in September 2017!

As we grow up, we internalize messages from our families and our societies, and learn to hold back from following our own spontaneity and instincts. We hold back from the direct knowing of joy, happiness, and understanding that our feelings and body sensations tell us. We forget the resource we all have inside ourselves— the wisdom energy of our bodies— that lets us go forward and make new choices that lead to positive, authentic change.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to—

  • Pay attention to body signals that indicate where you're holding back your energy
  • Open your energy by focusing on what makes you feel inspired and engaged
  • Create positive, authentic change by focusing your energy in new directions

Join me and interested others in this enjoyable opportunity to expand your potential for positive change by opening to the wisdom energy of your body!

"Using the Wisdom-Energy of Your Body to Create Positive Change" webinar is part of a series, "The Heart of Being Human," sponsored by Living Forward, LLC.  livingforward.com

Date:  October 25, 2017

Time:  12 pm - 1 pm

Cost:  $39

To register and for further information, please click here