Heart-Centered Career Transformations

As a career transformation coach, I offer a motivational partnership experience for people committed to taking powerful steps towards overcoming obstacles and fulfilling cherished goals and dreams.

I work with professionals like you from many fields, a number of whom have had years of training and experience in a particular area– and who’ve come to a crossroads where they know something has to change. As a certified life coach, I'm trained and fully committed to helping you make conscious choices that lead to the changes you really want. I can help you if you are:

  • Burnt out at your job and not sure what direction to go in next

  • Wanting to find or create a way of working that you’re passionate about– even if it’s totally different from what you’ve ever done before!

  • Needing support and accountability to find an integrated, heart-centered way to work and live that is deeply satisfying to you

  • Looking at possibilities for shifting career gears in retirement

For over thirty years– as a life coach, somatic therapist, and director of non-profit volunteer programs– I've guided hundreds of people in making career and other life transitions. I've seen the powerful impact that opening people’s vision for career changes that really fit with who they are and how they want to live can have.

People who’ve worked with me on making successful career changes say they’ve valued coaching with me because it supported them in:

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  • Expanding their vision of what is possible and desirable in their lives

  • Opening to new, sometimes radically different, possibilities

  • Staying accountable for planning and going forward with new actions

  • Overcoming obstacles to making desired changes

  • Developing the confidence to do what they really wanted to do

  • Achieving their goals and dreams

Between sessions, you will follow through with interesting, relevant assignments that move you forward towards your goals. The more energy and commitment you bring to taking these actions, the more fully you will experience the power of coaching to realize your dreams.

Our co-active coaching partnership is so much more than checking off laundry lists of to-do items. In the largest sense, it’s about becoming aware of who you really are and how you wish to live your life to the fullest. From this foundation, the action steps you plan and take will feel right to you and lead to satisfying outcomes.

My clients enjoy our coaching sessions, which are lively, experiential, focused on you, and bring positive results!

I coach most people by phone and Skype world-wide. This provides you with skilled assistance easily and conveniently from wherever you are. You are also welcome to arrange for sessions in my office near Berkeley, California.

For coaching fees and packages, please go to the bottom of this page.

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Life in Balance

For many people I coach, re-balancing work along with other life priorities is a major issue. Finding time for family, friends, personal development, fitness, and whatever else is important to you means learning to see your life as a whole flow. 

Living in balance is not about living in an unchanging, static way.  Rather, it's a vibrant way of allowing time and energy for the whole of your life even as priorities change. When you live this way, you're living in what we call "dynamic balance."

Coaching for dynamic balance allows you to envision your life the way you want it to be, then make new choices for action that support moving in that direction. As your coach, I help you keep your eye on the big picture of what you want, while holding you accountable for the steps you agree to take (e.g., a fitness plan, spending quality time with your family, working less on the weekends, beginning an art project). Step by step, you move into your desired vision of life where you feel replenished and re-connected.

From my many years’ experience as a somatic facilitator, I combine coaching with energy awareness, which connects you more easily with your intuition in making new choices and decisions. This, in turn, builds your confidence so you know when you’re moving in the right direction as you re-create the shape your life.

If you are experiencing any of the following, I invite you to contact me for a free phone or Skype conversation about how life coaching can help you re-direct your most precious resources of time and energy into what matters most for you:

  • Difficulty finding time and space in your life to enjoy ongoing, quality connections with your spouse, partner, children

  • Feeling out of sorts, out of shape, or not living a healthy life style

  • Difficulty making time to engage in creative projects that express your passion and who you really are

  • Feeling enmeshed by work and family obligations and activities, with little time to nourish and connect with yourself

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Co-Active Training Institute Certification

As a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC) through the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), it has been a delight for me to coach the passionate, motivated certification students I’ve supported through their rigorous, six-month CTI certification courses. 

Having a qualified coach for the duration of the CTI certification course is a program requirement— and it greatly facilitates the process of getting the most out of a complex training experience.  Below are important reasons why the CTI students I’ve coached say they’ve gotten great value working with me:

  • Gives knowledgeable support for negotiating the different stages of the certification program

  • Gives opportunities to explore more deeply skill areas and other aspects of the CTI Co-Active coaching model

  • Provides a consistent role model of a skillful, compassionate, aware life coach

  • Provides support when “life happens” and personal difficulties arise during the certification process

  • Helps with staying connected to the “bigger game” they’re going for with coaching

  • Helps in dealing effectively with client challenges

  • Offers guidance in developing basic coaching business structure

I'm very happy to answer any questions you may have about how coaching can help you succeed in getting the most out of your investment in this program!

For coaching fees and packages, please go to the bottom of this page.

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Coaching Fees

My current rates and services are as follows:

Career & Life-Balance Transformational Coaching:

Make the heart-centered professional and personal changes that really matter to you now. Two hours of coaching per month, plus email support between sessions. $350.

Coaching for CO-ACTIVE Training Institute (CTI) Certification Students:

Career transitions & life-balance coaching with extra focus on CTI certification program requirements and support building your business. Two hours of coaching per month, plus email support between sessions. $300.

Purposeful Coaching Packages (10% off regular fee)

Package #1 - Getting Started, Getting Clear

A very important part of coaching success is getting clear about the career and life-balance changes you really want in your life now

With this introductory coaching package, you can spread out your coaching exploration over 2 to 4 months. Making career and life-balance changes that feel authentic and successful to you requires building awareness of where you are and where you want to go. This coaching package gives you time to explore in organic, creative ways what's really important to you.

Six hours of coaching within four months, plus email support between sessions to share new insights, concerns, and successes— and receive encouragement and resources. Plus a free copy of my book, Success with Soul— Loving Your Livelihood, Living in Balance. $950, payable in advance. 

Package #2 - Planning for Heart-Centered Career & Life-Balance Success

If you're clear about the career and life-balance changes you want, and are ready to move forward with planning and taking action, this package is for you!

Understanding that creating heart-centered success is a transformative process, I'll support you in making changes that go deeper and take you farther. I'll help you create an outreach strategy that gives you the flexibility and support you need to try new approaches and shift gears, as needed, in going forward toward

your dream.  

Six hours of coaching within four months, plus email support between sessions to share new insights, concerns, and successes— and receive encouragement and resources.  $950, payable in advance. 

Ongoing Coaching Support Packages for Heart-Centered Career & Life-Balance Success

Because creating successful heart-centered changes is not a linear pathway from here to there, the length of time it takes to make the changes you desire can vary from several months to a year. Some people I've coached decided they were interested in creating new or expanded changes after they successfully completed their initial ones

So I also offer the following coaching packages to build on Coaching Packages #1 and #2. You may sign up for these as many times as you wish— 
Six hours of coaching within four months, plus email support between sessions to share new insights, concerns, and successes— and receive encouragement and resources.  $950, payable in advance. 


Setting the Foundation for Making the Change You Really Want

If you’d like to get your toes in the water and experience the possibilities coaching can offer you in making career and other life changes, a great option for you is my intensive 4-Hour Deep Dive Experience, “Setting the Foundation for Making the Change You Really Want.” 

This special session will help you— 

  • Understand the 3-step transition process

  • Clarify your vision for change

  • Understand your own definition of successful change

  • Explore what motivates you and what holds you back from making the changes you really want

  • Use your intuitive wisdom to make new choices

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