Risking Rejection -- Opening the Door to What You Really Want!

My blog post last week, “Your Dream Rejected-- How This Can Work for You?”, triggered a lot of conversation on the internet.  I was impressed by the acknowledgement that when and only when you agree to risk reaching out with your desire and passion for the work you want, the book you want to write, or the way you want to live will there be the possibility of a door opening toward your dream.  

            Autumn Wagner’s comment about being persistent with her job-seeking calls was that she realized that “I could not get to the yes’s without going through the no’s . . . Rejection is indeed evidence that you are putting in the effort and energy needed to achieve your goal or dream.  When I start getting rejections on my first novel, I will congratulate myself for having finished the manuscript!”  

            I feel that Diane Conway, author of What Would You Do If You Had No Fear?, gets to the core of the issue when she says:  “The only people who never get rejected are the ones who refuse to take risks.  Not risking is permanent rejection.”  

            Of course, being ready to risk rejection works best when you’re committed to going for something meaningful for you or living out your purpose in a way that expresses who you are.  When you really want something enough, it doesn’t feel like a risk to put yourself out for it.  Rather, it feels like an opportunity to live out something vital from within yourself.  

            As acupuncturist Julie Rose commented:  “Gabriel García Marquez took One Hundred Years of Solitude to 56 publishers before it was published in 1967. It was awarded a Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982. That’s vision and determination. 56 rejections!”  Did he feel scared, upset, nervous, and maybe some days, just plain reluctant to subject himself to possible rejection by publishers?  No doubt.  But what strength of conviction he had in his work and in himself to keep going forward towards the fruition of his writing dream!  

                    Join in the conversation! 

  • What is it that would come alive in you if you risked the possibility of rejections? 
  • When has the possibility of rejection stopped you from going forward? 
  • What do you need to know about yourself to commit to risking changing your  career and/or the way in which you live?