Paying Attention to Your Body Signals-- Are They “Dreams Trying to Come True”?

Understanding body symptoms as “dreams trying to come true” (a phrase by Arnold Mindell, founder of Process Oriented Psychology and author of the breakthrough book Dreambody) is the basis of the somatic work I do that I call “Body-Energy Experiencing.”  I combine it with my training in life coaching to help people interpret the inner voices of persistent or recurring body signals including tension, pain, stress, and other signs of discomfort affecting the quality of their lives and spirits. 

          When people bring their attention and truly listen to this inner voice for hidden meanings, amazing amounts of energy, release, and possibilities can emerge.  They can then use this energetic opening to change their lives and become who they really are, living and working with clarity, purpose, and joy.

          Gregg Levoy, human potential speaker, describes a striking example of a woman who intuitively understood the meaning of what it meant to her to live with obesity.  She came up to him after his talk and asked, out of the blue, “You know why I’m so fat?  It’s because I have so many stories inside me that I’m not writing down.”         

          As Levoy noted, “This woman knew that her condition meant something and what it meant . . . She seemed to understand that within her body all the records of her rejected desires, deflected dreams, and frustrated creativity were piled up and pushing out from inside, tumid from neglect.  Her obesity was the insignia of her struggle for authenticity.  It was a treasure chest filled with undiscovered stories and bound, no doubt, with coils of ropy fear.”

          If you’re interested in supportive, skilled guidance to explore the dreams you sense are locked inside your body and spirit, calling to be heard and validated, and causing you distress, please see my special invitation below to try Body-Energy Experiencing with me soon!


Are you . . .

• Experiencing a difficult career transition?

• Feeling stuck in your work or relationships?

• Feeling stressed, tense, not physically fit, energetically depleted?

• Finding little time for family, self-care, creativity or   enjoyment?

        For over twenty years, I’ve offered a unique approach to personal and professional transitions using conscious touch called Body-Energy Experiencing that has helped many people transform patterns of physical distress into new ways of living that are energized, healthy, and authentic.  Experiencing your body and its energy helps you re-create vital connections with your own sense of purpose-- and with others, professionally and personally. 

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