Looking for Your Truth

"The pull into the truth of things is very strong.  Often the only way to resist it is to deny what we are seeing, to pretend our lives do not have to grow or change.  Yet when we do this, our spirit, which doesn't know how to pretend, keeps moving."  (Mark Nepo,   The Book of Awakening)

I love this quote because it's so undeniably true.  You only have to think ofsome choice point where you decided, or not, to move forward towards something that you really wanted to do or become.  If you let yourself go with the energy pulling inside you towards this new direction, letting yourself explore and feel the new experiences, something powerful emerged-- as when you were a crawling baby irresistibly drawn to pulling yourself up on the bars of your playpen to standing, seeing the world from wide new vantage point of your full height.

During a coaching session today, I asked a client-- a woman who has raised a family and is going through her first professional training program-- to take a leap, physically, towards her new direction in life.  She did-- & had the breakthrough realization that even more than becoming a professional paid for her work, she wanted to become "an expert."  Her heart's desire right now is to become masterful at the work she really wants to be doing-- & to let nothing stop her from this goal.  This is her truth now-- & it is leading her beyond unskilled service to others in her family and community into a new realm of commitment and knowledge so she can help others to her full potential through her chosen work.

It took her many years of life experience before she was ready to acknowledge the truth of her longing.  Now she literally feels inside herself that this is exactly the right time to commit to her dream.  She has cleared the path of her particular obstacles-- fear of not knowing enough to begin and fear of what others in her life will think-- and is going boldly forward.  It's a thrilling time for her to experience and a privilege for me to witness.