How to Clear Your Mind for Positive Change & Action!

I’m so delighted to have in my hand a copy of the new, wonderful book, Feng Shui Your Mind-- Four Easy Steps to Rapidly Transform Your Life by my friend and colleague, Jill Lebeau (co-authored by Maureen Raytis, LAC)!  In this book, Jill and Maureen take their backgrounds as spiritual psychotherapist and licensed acupuncturist and interweave a powerful picture of why you need to declutter your mind of unproductive thought patterns-- and how to do it.

     As they write, “It’s our thoughts-- not our things-- that generate our happiness and sustain our energy . . . We invite you to learn how to apply the wisdom of Feng Shui to your most powerful resource-- your mind . . . In our our minds, we can learn how to clean and clear the thoughts that don’t serve us.  This gives us the mental space and energy to choose our perception to attract our deepest desires with ease.”

     If you want to learn about how to make room for positive change in all areas of your life by personable stories, compelling exercises, and the lifelong wisdom of two master healers, you can read the book and take the journey.  Just go to to order and for more information. 

     And share with others here on this blog--  Why would you like to Feng Shui your mind?