A Special Event & A Special Offer from Eve Siegel,Certified Life Coach & Somatic Therapist


           Do you or someone you know need support as you go through separation or divorce?  You have a very special, free resource this weekend with the Expert Interviews series hosted by Edi Spanier, Certified Life Coach and founder of Divorce by Design.  Her talks with12 professionals on a wide range of valuable topics-- including Edi on transitioning with vision and intention and me on making career transitions-- are expressly designed to ease your path during this challenging period of your life!  Four different interviews will be available each day for 24 hours starting at 12 AMPacific Time, Friday, May 13th - Sunday, May 15th (see schedule below for each day’s topics):

Friday May 13 - Collaborative Family Law •        Matrimonial Litigation and Mediation • Tax Implications of Divorce • Divorce, Women & Money

Saturday May 14 - Co Parenting Between Two Households • Who am I now? - Reconnect with Your Spirit • Staying Healthy During Times of Enormous Stress • Transitioning Back to Work (Eve Siegel)

Sunday May 15 - Where will I live? Real Estate basics • Mortgages 101 - Mortgage basics •       Creating a Home Environment that Supports you Physically and Emotionally • Transition with Vision and Intention (Edi Spanier)

To receive your link to the free Expert Interviews series, please register through the following link:

Note:  After this weekend, you’ll be able to purchase interviews separately or as a package.


        Are you . . .

         • Experiencing a difficult career transition?

         • Feeling stuck in your work or relationships?

         • Feeling stressed, tense, not physically fit, energeticallydepleted?

         • Finding little time for family, self-care, creativity or enjoyment?

        For over twenty years, I’ve offered a unique approach to personal and professional transitions using conscious touch called Body-Energy Experiencing that has helped many people transform patterns of physical distress into new ways of living that are energized, healthy, and authentic.  Experiencing your body and its energy helps you re-create vital connections with your own sense of purpose-- and with others, professionally and personally. 

       I’d like to invite you to feel the value of Body-Energy Experiencing by offering you two very special rates good through June 30th-

         • One 75-minute session for $75

         • Three 60-minute sessions for $180

         NOTE:  This offer is for people who have not yet tried Body-Energy Experiencing with me.

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