Feeling Your Bodies Energy -- And Going for Your Dream!

Many years ago, during a complex time in my life, I accidentally (it seemed) stumbled upon the Tibetan Buddhist body-energy practice called Kum (body) Nye (massage).  For a year I had a wonderful teacher who guided me and the others in our class in body stretches and breathing that made me feel fluid, alive, and in touch with the energy stream of my body.  My mind and my body flowed together, and I began to make new choices about my work and the way I lived.

            This experience of learning to create and move with opening and flow definitely helped guide me in becoming a somatic therapist and more recently, a career and life transitions coach.  It is a continuous joy to me to help people learn to open to their energy, releasing the stress and tension their bodies have held around fear.  From this place of deep relaxation, they experience a new opening where their dreams for personal and professional fulfillment feel real and alive again.  

            Recently, I worked with a woman in her 50’s who was holding a great deal of painful tension in her neck, upper back, and chest.  As I guided her, she allowed her head to drop forward, releasing the weight from her neck and shoulders.  At that moment, she realized that she had been afraid to speak aloud her dream of using her coaching and psychotherapy background to train leaders in her organization.  As she got the message from her body about letting her power to lead others forward be manifested at work, about 80% of the tension in her body just melted away.

            As Tarthang Tulku-- a Tibetan teacher who introduced the Kum Nye way of balancing the body, mind, and spirit in the United States-- wrote, “The integration and balancing of physical and mental energies frees us from [old, constrictive] patterns.  We become able to flow with experience, allowing it to nourish and satisfy us.”  


  Are you . .

  • Experiencing a difficult career transition?

  • Feeling stuck in your work or relationships?

  • Feeling stressed, tense, not physically fit, energeticallydepleted?

  • Finding little time for family, self-care, creativity or enjoyment?

         For over twenty years, I’ve offered a unique approach to personal and professional transitions using conscious touch called Body-Energy Experiencing that has helped many people transform patterns of physical distress into new ways of living that are energized, healthy, and authentic.  Experiencing your body and its energy lets you re-connect with your own sense of purpose-- and go forward more effortlessly towards your professional and personal goals.

       I’d like to invite you to feel the value of Body-Energy Experiencing by offering you two very special rates good through June 30th-

       • One 75-minute session for $75

       • Three 60-minute sessions for $180

       You can do these sessions in person at my office in El Cerrito (near Berkeley), California, or from anywhere in the world via Skype.

      NOTE:  This offer is for people who have not yet tried Body-Energy Experiencing with me.