Feeling Rhythm and Renewal for Career Change

As you may have read in my earlier blog posts, my early-summer trip this year to Sweden, The Netherlands, and Germany made me very aware that people can live with more of a sense of spaciousness and time for nurturing relationships, enjoying nature, and fostering personal creativity.  I also know that most people who come to me for coaching around career change also feel the need for work that embodies or allows for opportunity to live fully, within and outside the context of work.

            Wayne Muller writes in his rich and generous book, Sabbath

     “When we live without listening to the timing of things-- when we live and work in twenty-four-hour shifts without rest, we are on war time, mobilized for battle.  Yes, we are strong and capable people, we can work without stopping, faster and faster, electric lights making artificial day so the whole machine can labor without ceasing.  But remember:  No living thing lives like this.  There are greater rhythms that govern how life grows. . . To surrender to the rhythms of seasons and flowerings and dormancies is to savor the secret of life itself.” 

            The image one of my clients holds for his ideal work life is that of himself and others, including children, around a table in a kitchen together, working, cooking, and eating as a community.  At first, he asked me, Is this just a dream?  Can it really happen?”  Now he accepts that this image reflects who he is and the way he intends to live-- and has a career plan with this vision of his work as a central focus. 


1)   What does the natural rhythm of your life look and feel like? 

2) Does your work embody this rhythm?  If so, how?  If not, why? 

3) How do you honor your need for “rest, renewal, and delight” in your busy life?