Creating Space for Action-- One Step at a Time!

I just returned from a wonderful trip to Tuscany with my extended family of friends from Sweden and England, including my two goddaughters, all living together in an old country house a little north of Pisa. Living together for a couple of weeks in a relaxed style in the foothills of the Alps brought home to me the great quality about vacations, which is-- no matter how easy-going or strenuous they are, they let you live fulfilled while doing just one thing at a time. You may be mountain climbing, sightseeing, writing a novel, or cooking pizzas in an Italian bread oven, but whatever you’re doing, that’s it. Just one thing at a time. 

            This is a pattern I keep noticing in every aspect of life where you want to act more effectively, confidently, and with more ease. Give yourself some space so that you deeply relax inside. From this place choose one step or one direction in which to move forward, and you will do it with a sense of purpose and power.

            I was working with a man in his 50’s who was in transition from his engineering career and struggling with all he had to do, as he saw it, to get his new business under way. He felt tense and exhausted, seeing no end to his to-do list-- and no way to relax either, have an intimate relationship, recreation, or just time off for himself. 

            So I challenged him to put on the back burner five items from his list for a month. For a few minutes, he was appalled, feeling that his life now would have no structure and that everything would simply fall apart.  Then he re-examined his list and noticed that he didn’t really need to create a new page for his website or even start a blog. What he really wanted to do was take the time to establish some new connections with possible partners for his business venture. Suddenly, he felt energy rush through his body and a sense of possibility! He also felt renewed enthusiasm for reaching out for a relationship on an e-dating site.

            All of which brings me to a post, “Just One Thing,” that I receive from Rick Hanson, neuropsychologist and author of Creating a Buddha Brain: One Step at a Time. I love his ongoing suggestion that we can make powerful, positive changes to our outlook on life and in the actions we take by approaching every challenge one step at a time. I know now, from my own experience and that of others, that this approach really works!

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