Coaching, Training and Career Development

I’m feeling very excited by seeing that about 40 people in the last week signed up for and received copies of my recent report, “The CTI Coaching Certification Experience-- Perspectives on Professional Career Development”!   This report has interest value to coaches and people wanting to get certified as coaches.  In addition, people who are exploring working with a coach as a way to support them in making career and other life transitions are very interested in how coaches are trained to help people make the changes that work. 

            As a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) certification program who also coaches CTI certification students, I became very interested in the connection between being certified through CTI and successful career development.  So I explored this area by asking CTI certification program graduates and students to fill out questionnaires about their experiences in the program and how they felt it contributed to their career evolution.  

    The report I wrote based on this information from an international group of coach participants explores such topics as: "New Perspectives on Coaching As a Profession"; "How Has Becoming Certified Enhanced My Professional Success and Development?; and "Advice for People Considering Taking the CTI Certification Program."   

    “The CTI Coaching Certification Experience-- Perspectives on Professional Career Development,” is now out and available to anyone who’s interested.  For a free, downloadable copy, please click on this link--  If you have any feedback, I’d be happy to hear it.