Career Transitions to Expand Your Life and Spirit!

Today as I was briskly walking around the waterfront, letting the lively bay breezes freshen my mind, I thought about people I’d worked with or heard about recently who’ve made or plan to make career changes for the pure joy of doing work that gladdens their hearts.  Some of these people have advanced degrees and experience in engineering and software technologies, and are seeking new ways to express themselves through work that is more people-oriented and calls on a very different range of personal and professional skills.

             One man I talked with about coaching, for example, wants to get out of a profession that is computer- and profit-driven, and instead work directly with people.  He has many areas of interest, from science to sports.  The main thing that’s important for him now is being actively involved in helping young people do things they really want to do-- and spending way less time at his computer monitor.  He’s now exploring working for a non-profit whose mission resonates with his new career goals.

             I also was recently contacted by a classmate of mine from Stanford University who’s helping organize a class panel for our upcoming reunion on “having second [career] chances”.  One of the people she was delighted by who’ll be on the panel had been a realtor for many years, and recently began living out his dream of being a blacksmith!  Why does a person go from selling houses to blacksmithing?  What’s his drive to do this?  Apparently, it satisfies a long-time creative yearning in himself.  He may well be making a good living at this, too (more news after the reunion!). 

            The drive to find work that deeply satisfies the needs of a person’s spirit can be so powerful that it blows right through the old messages of “you can’t” or “that’s not what you’re trained to do” or “you won’t be able to make a living at that.”  Time and again I’ve seen that if you’re intelligent and able in one career path, you can harness your intelligence, abilities, AND, most potently, your desire, into another career direction that’s energizing and rewarding to you.  If, also, you wish to make a positive difference in the world, one of the best ways to start is by loving the work you do and sharing the aliveness it brings you with others. 

            For those of you who are interested in exploring career transitions as a way to expand your life and spirit, I invite you to join me for my upcoming free tele-class, “Career & Life Transitions-- Am I in One?  What Do I Do Now?” on Wednesday, October 6th.  For further information and to register, please go to

                   Join in the Discussion! 

  • What is it like to feel alive in your spirit through your work? 
  • Have you been through a career transition that had a positive outcome for you? 
  • What changed in your life?  What did you have to overcome?  Why was it worth it?