Career Change in Stockholm

I’m visiting in Stockholm this week where my elder goddaughter, Andrea, age 29, is living.  Last year, she made a momentous career decision that took her to this city to live and work.  Having just graduated with her master’s degree in architecture in the Swedish city of Gothenborg, she decided that the real work she wanted to do in her life was to be a doctor!  She did well on her medical exams and is now a student at the renowned Karolinska School of Medicine in Stockholm.

    Her decision amazed me at first, but when I considered the matter, I could see how well-suited she was for becoming a wonderful physician.  Both medicine and architecture, as she pointed out, require an understanding of the interaction of systems.  As a doctor, however, her focus would be on giving to and enhancing people’s lives.  For a person like she is, who truly loves to help people, medicine gives her a means to that kind of fulfillment at a professional level.  

     Though she would’ve made a fine architect, it’s very wonderful to see her blossoming as she follows the passion that is truly hers.  Though she regrets sometimes not having started studying medicine at age 20, she also feels that she brings valuable life experience to becoming a doctor with her other work, some years of travel, and lots of experience interacting with a wide range of people.

     The lesson-- It’s never to late to go for what really matters to you, with work, relationships, and creative goals!

     Are you considering a career change in your life?  What motivates you to this?  What holds you back?  What is a step you can take now to explore this possibility?