My New Vistas for Coaching-- & What That Means for You!

I’m excited to let you know that I just received my Professional Coaching Credential (PCC) from the International Coach Federation (ICF)-- the foremost worldwide organization for coaches who agree to accepted ethics and professional training standards! The PCC indicates that I’ve done over 750 hours of professional coaching and have achieved the next level of coaching mastery with ICF.

I can feel how the quality of my coaching has grown over the past 6 years since receiving my coaching certification. During this time, I’ve worked with professionals age 25 to 70, supporting them in making successful career and life-in-balance transitions, including: 

   • Developing clarity and confidence to make career changes with heart

           and meaning

   • Integrating quality time for work, relationships, health, and self

   • Planning for fulfillment in retirement

   • Creating a more healthy way of living by reducing work-related stress

   • Exploring creativity as a source and path to changes that matter

For professional coaches, I offer mentoring services to support renewal of ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credentialing and the ICF Portfolio route for coaching certification.

I’ve also had great feedback from my clients about how powerful the combination of body-energy work with coaching is for creating changes that have depth and that last. My 20 years’ experience as a somatic therapist combined with my experience as a coach allows me to help you make fulfilling career and life changes based on learning to tap into the wisdom of your


                            ∞ SPECIAL OFFER! ∞

             TO CELEBRATE MY NEW COACHING CREDENTIAL-- and to let you

             or someone you know who’s committed to making a career

             or life change now, I’m offering two summer specials (see below)

             that are 40% off my usual rates if you sign up with me by July 6th!

1)   MAKE THAT CHANGE NOW! - Two hours of coaching per month with email support between sessions. By phone, Skype, or in-office (El Cerrito, California, near Berkeley). Includes body-energy awareness techniques to enhance the coaching experience. $180.

2)   THE BODY-MIND COACHING PACKAGE! - Two hours of coaching per month with email support between sessions AND one hour of touch-based work with body-energy experiencing. [Note: the bodywork session is in-office.] $215.

Yes, I want to sign up for Eve’s summer special coaching and/or body-energy experiencing rates!   I understand that I must do this by July 6th. For a free consultation, please contact Eve at or at 415-640-0395.