Success with Soul-- Frida’s New Year Dream Challenge!

As we step over the threshold of the year 2014, what do you want to do or become that will enrich and open the way you work and live? Challenge yourself and explore a new path that interests you? Contribute to the world in a different way? Deepen and stretch yourself as you try growing to a new level in doing the work you love? Below is a message from a friend of mine from Sweden, Frida Modén Treichl, a professional “musical theater performer” who took on a BIG career challenge this year. I found out about this as I was reading some new reviews of my book, Success with Soul-- Loving Your Livelihood, Living in Balance, and was struck by Frida’s.

She wrote: “This book helped me make a big life decision! It’s a must for everyone who is or has been at a crossroad in their life!” Of course, I contacted Frida immediately to find out what this big life decision was! It turns out that Frida, who’s well-known in her own country for her powerful, expressive voice and larger-than-life presence on stage, decided to go for her dream of starring as Elphaba (the green-faced witch) in the musical “Wicked” on Broadway. A very large dream in many ways! Enjoy reading below about Frida’s leap across the Atlantic into a new world and an expanded; vision for her performing life!

Hello, I'm Frida Modén Treichl. In Sweden, I’m a “musical theater performer.” Here in the USA, I’m an actress/singer/dancer. I’ve been a professional in this field for the past five years, since I was 24. But I knew when I was 18 that this is what I wanted to be.

Actually, I wanted to be a Hollywood movie star, but there’s no college education to become a Hollywood star, so I completed a higher education program in Sweden in the field of musical theater performance-- and that has determined my career direction. Right now, the big step forward in my life has been my decision to move to New York City and audition for starring roles in Broadway musicals. My big dream for a long time has been to play the part of Elphaba in “Wicked.” I know that it’s an important next step for me professionally to be here in New York now. It’s a huge challenge and a very big adventure. But it’s taken me a while to make the leap.

What’s held me back? Lots of fears! First, the fear of not succeeding, not reaching my goal. Also, English is not my first language (though I’m fluent in it), and I’ve sung most of my roles in Swedish. Plus I’m shy around new people, though that surprises people who know me. What’s helped me take a big chance to live out my dream of performing in a major Broadway musical production?

Several things, including the support of my family, of course. Financially, I had the good fortune to receive a scholarship from the Swedish foundation of Anders Sandrews for young, talented artists. This has helped me pay my living expenses in New York while auditioning. Plus I got to work with a great voice instructor from New York who was in Stockholm last spring and who bolstered my confidence by telling me I was definitely “Broadway material.”

And your book, Eve, Success with Soul-- Loving Your Livelihood, Living in Balance, was so helpful in making my decision. I was inspired by all of it, but particularly Chapter 6, “Living Out Your Authenticity and Aliveness”-- you know, that final exercise where you say, “Now breathe, feel your feet on the ground, and consider the professional and personal risks and paths you’ve taken towards living your life with heart and meaning.” Then you asked us readers to respond to the questions that you asked me earlier in this interview: -

How have you felt held back from expressing what really matters to you-- on the job? in other relationships? - How have you been supported in being authentic and open to your own aliveness? In your career? In your primary relationships? When I think about these questions now, I feel this vibrating energy in my belly! I am so thrilled to be here in the great city of New York at last! Just being around so many people with high professional standards lifts my spirit. It’s such a large theatrical smorgasbord-- you have it all here, and now I’m part of it!