Special Coaching Offers for a Fulfilling New Year! with Eve Siegel, Certified Life Coach

RELAX AND RENEW ~  "Remember yourself," in the words of spiritual guardian, Gurdjieff.

RELAX INTO YOUR INTENTION - In-office session to set your intention and reduce the stress around making the positive professional and/or personal changes you most wish in the next 6 months.  Includes:

- Coaching to clarify the importance of this goal to you
- Body-energy experiencing to set your intention deep in your
conscious awareness
- Bodywork to relax into this new view of your life

   90 minutes.  $95.
TURNING INTENTION INTO RENEWAL - Phone, Skype, or in-office coaching sessions at a very special rate (for up to 6 months) to support you in turning your intention for positive professional and/or personal changes into your new reality!  Renew your delight in your life by partnering with a professional to make the changes you really want (and perhaps have felt too stressed to try).  

This is a great follow-up to a “Relax into Your Intention” session and also fine as a way to begin coaching on its own.  Includes:

- Two 60-minute sessions-- or one 90-minute in-office or phone/Skype session and one 30-minute phone/Skype session per month
- Email follow-up between sessions
- A 90-minute, in-person session can include bodywork to facilitate the coaching

Two-month minimum required.  $180/month.

Note:  These special offers are for new clients only who begin
between Mon., Dec. 9, 2013, and Fri., Jan. 10, 2014
Interested?  Great!  Just email me at eve@kailaslifecoaching.com or call 415-640-0395 to take your first step      towards renewal, delight, and fulfillment.