Living out Your Authenticity and Aliveness: Interview with Suzanne Ness, Certified Life Coach and Creator, MobileCoach app

In my ebook, Success with Soul-- Loving Your Livelihood, Living in Balance, I put a lot of focus on the rewards of learning to work and live from your own center, from being, in fact, the person you really are.  In the chapter on authenticity, I say:  “Think of people you know whom you enjoy being around because they love being who they are and doing what they do.  Because they work, relate, and engage with full aliveness, with every cell of their body.  Because they shine with the joy of living and working with purpose.”

That’s why I’m introducing you now to my colleague and friend, Suzanne Ness, certified coach, speaker, corporate trainer, business owner, and online adjunct professor of management from Chicago, Illinois.  Suzanne and I went through the certification program at the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in 2007, supporting each other then through now in the different phases of our career development.  I can always be sure with Suzanne that she will be excited about new coaching techniques, new plans, and anything I’d like to try out with her.  She is a real ally in all matters of growing, evolving, andt transforming from what is to what is even better!               

So Suzanne and I decided we wanted to share with those of you on our respective email lists our most recent projects.  I’m sharing with you news of Suzanne’s MobileCoach app-- (itunes) while she shares with her email group some information about my ebook.

And now, here’s Suzanne, in her own words:

Hello!  This is such a special opportunity to “meet” all of you who have been attracted to the work of my colleague, Eve Siegel.  Eve and I really enjoy supporting each other as we expand our professional coaching by creating new learning tools and experiences to share with people wanting to create positive, heart-centered career and life changes.

As for me, I love what I do in every area of my life.  I’ve created a way of living that allows me choice and freedom with my time, a way to be flexible and available for my children when necessary, and a chance to do work that inspires me and others to pursue learning, personal growth, and transformation.

I think my greatest gift is my passion for learning and helping others get excited about what is possible in their lives.  I’m good at creating a safe place where people feel empowered to try new things, take chances, and work through the challenges of making changes that are the most meaningful.  As the saying goes in coaching, “no one engages a coach in order to stay the same or to stay in the same place.”  I partner with my clients to help them stand in the “discomfort zone” long enough to allow change to happen.

I have great curiosity and drive for adventure.  I eagerly try new things, take chances, and encourage my clients to do the same.  I am driven by a desire to learn all I can and to help others notice and recognize their own authentic self and the greatness that exists inside everyone.  I often say that I get to witness miracles every day-- when people reach goals they didn’t think possible, or begin embracing something or someone in a new way, it changes everything for them and that is awesome to watch.

I came up with the idea of MobileCoach while I was training for my first half-marathon run.  I had some clients then who would check in for our scheduled calls, but only seemed to need 20 minutes with me, though they had scheduled and paid for an hour.  I realized that it was the accountability that mattered to them, and that there were people who would benefit from a self-guided tool that allowed them more freedom and flexibility to work through.  I was also using a daily training tool to help me train for the half-marathon.  I put the two ideas together, and MobileCoach was born!

MobileCoach is a 28-day guided tool for setting goals and making meaningful change.  Each “day” offers a different activity, exercise, or inquiry designed to help move a client forward.  It includes video, inspirational quotes, and even downloadable worksheets and articles, all designed to support someone through a change process.  As with all products, it is constantly evolving and improving.

This app has helped people make difficult choices such as getting medical tests done or starting a new hobby or business venture.  It is not a replacement for coaching; it is an enhancement or start for someone who is ready to begin making meaningful changes.  The tools and exercises were created out of my own experience as a coach and through my process of growing and stretching myself.  Right now it is only available through iTunes.  However, I am in the process of making it available for Android within the next year.

In the meantime, here are 3 of my favorite tips for creating a more fulfilling (or authentic, creative) way to work and live:

1) Identify what you love to do.  Then begin creating your life around what you want, based on what you love to do.  Surround yourself with things that represent what it is you love.

2) Find an activity that stretches you- for me it is running.  I was never a runner, but for the last 4 years, I’ve been running in events that keep me focused, require discipline, and scare me just a little…

3) Reach out and make meaningful connections with other human beings, be it friends, family, an intimate partner, or colleagues.  Share your dreams with them and have them partner with you in pursuing a life you love-- and encourage them to do the same.

You can contact Suzanne at suzanne@livingforwardllc.comor 815-608-0252
(web)          (itunes)