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“Success with Soul” Special Coaching Packages

Why Try My “Success with Soul” Coaching Packages?

Sometimes it makes sense to dive deeply into something new that you want to achieve or learn.

Sometimes, too, it makes sense to invest in a whole program that can help you explore and activate changes that are important to you in the way you work and live your whole life.

That’s why I’m now offering 3 different coaching packages depending on where you are now in your career and life transition—

A 9-month integrated program to focus on your next major career and life-balance            changes

A 3-hour Deep Dive experience to help set up the foundation for making career and other life changes

A 4-hour Deep Dive experience for coaches wanting to expand their coaching potential by integrating it with somatic awareness

1) For those of you who want a complete strategy to create a way to work and live that is deeply satisfying, professionally and personally, my “Success with Soul” 9-Month Premium Program— Create Work You Love and a Life in Balance— is designed for you! It’s based on my book, Success with Soul— Loving Your Livelihood, Living in Balance— and offers you an enriched package of coaching plus a Deep Dive Day with a written assessment and follow-up session, 16 one-hour coaching sessions, special handouts, audio recordings, and a closure session to celebrate your accomplishments.

This Premium Program begins with an intensive 5-Hour Deep Dive Day to set the foundation and engage your energy for the 8 additional months of coaching in this program that will support you in achieving your dreams and goals. This Deep Dive Day will help you understand transitions, clarify your vision for change, develop your goals, deal with the fear of change, define success in your own terms, and practice accessing your energy and intuitive wisdom.

After your Deep Dive Day and follow-up session, you’ll begin your 16 coaching sessions to support you in moving forward in building and achieving the work and life changes you desire.

2) If you’d like to get your toes in the water and experience the possibilities coaching can offer you in making career and other life changes, a great option for you is my 3.5-Hour Deep Dive Experience, “Setting the Foundation for Making the Change You Really Want.” This special session will help you: understand the 5-step transition process, clarify your vision for change, understand your own definition of successful change, explore what motivates you and what holds you back from making the changes you really want, and use your intuitive wisdom to make new choices.

3) For professional coaches, I also offer a 4-hour Deep Dive Experience on “Integrating Somatic Awareness with Coaching.” This special session includes exploration and discussion about how opening to the body sensations and energy can support your clients in making changes that feel successful to them, and that last.  It also includes practice with experiential exercises in body-energy awareness that can be used with your clients to help them integrate at a deeper level the changes they’re making in their coaching with you.

Please see the following pages in this section for full descriptions of my Premium Coaching Program, Setting the Foundation, and Integrating Somatic Awareness with Coaching.

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