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“Success with Soul” – A 9-Month Premium Program to Create Work You Love & a Life in Balance

Are you ready to make the heart-centered career and life-balance changes you’ve only dreamed of?

Are you strongly committed to bringing aliveness and “soul” back into your life?

Are you ready NOW to invest in a complete strategy to help you create a way to work and live that is deeply satisfying, professionally and personally?

Love Your Life ImageIf your answer is “yes” to these questions, my 9-month “Success with Soul” Premium Program, is the answer to your desire! This program is a complete strategy designed to take you:

      • Out of an unsatisfying career and a life that feels out of balance . . .
      • Into a whole life that’s energized and infused with work that expresses your vision and passion for what deeply matters to you!

Before I found the first career I loved, somatic therapy, I spent many years seeking a way to work that expressed what was important to me and allowed me to earn a living. There were many times I was convinced that I wasn’t ever going to be able to find work that would let me integrate my unique skills into a career path that mattered to me.

Now, as a certified life coach, it’s my great privilege to help people save time and energy finding work they really love that’s an integral part of lives that feel deeply sat-isfying and in balance. Most of my clients find in their coaching experience that mak-ing meaningful career changes leads naturally to a desire to re-shape their whole lives. After all, if you’re going to change the way you work, it makes sense to also create more time for enjoying family, friends, creative activities, life-long learning, and well-being!

In the course of my 30+ years’ professional experience as a certified life coach, somatic therapist, and director of non-profit programs, I’ve helped many profes-sionals make significant and satisfying career and life-balance transitions. I bring this expertise in conscious change-making, along with compassion, intuition, creativity, body-mind awareness, and a love of exploration to support you in creating new ways of working and living that have heart and meaning for you.

“I came to Eve because my lucrative and intellectually stimulating career had become profoundly unsatisfying. The fallout from my job unhappiness was coloring every aspect of my life, a dark fog of energy-draining overwhelm. Slowly, patiently, Eve’s masterful coaching helped me clarify what is truly important to me in my life now, freed me from faulty assumptions, and gave me room to get to know who I am and where I want to go. The fog is gone, as is the old job. Life sparkles with possibilities and everything is fun again!”
— Jenny Warila, Coach, educator, former high tech professional,
Los Altos, California

My “Success with Soul” Premium Program is for people like you who are ready to go for a complete strategy that takes you from confusion and uncertainty to clarity and confidence! With this program you will receive the initial big boost and the ongoing support you need to make the work and life-balance changes you really want.

This program includes:

      1. “Envisioning the Big Picture” Deep Dive Day (initial 5-hour coaching exploration by phone or Skype) with handouts and activities to:
        • Clarify your vision for authentic, fulfilling work combined with a life in balance for the person you are and the life you really want to lead.
        • Develop your goals and set your foundation for the path to success with soul.
        • Explore key components of my book, Success with Soul— Loving Your Livelihood, Living in Balance— including “Facing the Fear of Change,” “Defining Success in Your Own Terms,” and “Living out Your Authenticity and Aliveness”— to support you in reaching your goals.
        • Introduce you to the 5-step inner transition process for creating successful, lasting changes.
        • Body-Energy Experiencing exercises to help you balance inner stress and clear your mind for making the changes you most desire. (Total Value – $1,500)
      2. “Following What Calls You”— Written assessment for you based on your Deep Dive Day discoveries for going forward towards your goals. (Value – $300)
      3. “The Power of Your Vision” 60-minute follow-up strategy session within 2 weeks of your Deep Dive Day to consolidate your gains and plan your next steps forward. (Value – $225)
      4. “Transformation to Your New Reality”— Two 60-minute coaching sessions per month for 8 months—16 sessions total— to inspire and support you in maintaining clarity, overcoming obstacles, developing your plan of action, prioritizing your time and energy, and keeping your momentum flowing as you move towards successful completion of your goals. Phone, Skype, in-person. (Value – $3,500)

man happy on the beach, success with soul

  • “Defining Success in Your Own Terms” — Personalized action steps between sessions, including handouts based on my book, Success with Soul, to build confidence in creating ongoing successes as you move towards your goals. (Value – $300)
  • “Flow of Connection” — Email access to me between sessions for accountability, response to questions, clarification and expansion of your action steps, and celebration of successes. (Value – $900)
  • “Celebrate and Look Forward” – 45-minute completion session to celebrate your accomplishments and look forward to the next stage on your journey to success with heart and soul! (Value – $190)


“When my doctor first suggested coaching with Eve to support my efforts to lower my blood pressure, it was like I found a life raft! I was so stressed about work and so con-fused about my health and fitness issues– and didn’t know what to do first. As it turned out, coaching helped me see the big picture of what I wanted for my life– and that helped me decide what changes I really needed to start making. I’m very happy that it also offered me practical solutions and steps for managing and transforming stress and difficulties around work, health, and my desire for more creativity in my life.
— Joel Edwards, architect,
San Francisco, California

BONUS #1 – Copy of my book, Success with Soul— Loving Your Livelihood, Living in Balance (paperback and/or download). My professional and personal insights, client stories, helpful exercises, and inspirational quotes. (Value – $10)

BONUS #2 – Audio download of selected exercises from my book, Success with Soul, to help you practice and integrate these program topics: Defining Success in Your Own Terms; Living in Dynamic Balance; Using the Wisdom-Energy of Your Body; and Living Out Your Authenticity and Aliveness. (Value – $200)

BONUS #3 – Three 30-minute sessions of Body-Energy Experiencing exercises to help you relax, manage stress, and clear your mind for making the changes you desire. (Value – $300)

Your Investment:

The Total Value of This 9-Month Program is $7,425.

With this special offer, receive the initial big boost and the ongoing support you need to make the work and life-balance changes you really want for a one-time payment of $5,097!


Need an investment payment plan?

For only $997 down and 4 more payments of $1,150 (total $5,597), you will receive the entire program with all the bonuses.

INVEST IN YOUR LIFE NOW for $897 initial payment, plus 4 subsequent, monthly payments of $1,150


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