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Mentor Coaching Services

What Is Mentor Coaching?

For you as a coach, there are two basic reasons for working with a mentor coach— that is, a coach who has more training and experience in areas in which you would like to develop more skill and expertise.

One reason is specifically to help build your competency levels to get particular coaching credentials from umbrella coaching organizations such as the International Coach Federation (ICF).  Certified mentor coaches like me have received rigorous mentor coach training validated by ICF that will enhance your developing these competency levels in your own coaching.

Secondly, you may simply wish to take your coaching to a higher level for your own professional satisfaction and for the benefit of your clients.  Your mentor coach may also be able to help you integrate other skill sets that broaden and deepen your coaching skills.  For example, I have mentored coaches who wanted to develop proficiency in using somatic (body-energy) awareness in their coaching sessions with clients.

As a mentor coach, I offer professional coaches like you support in the following ways:

  • Completing ACC and PCC credential application requirements via the portfolio route for the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Completing ACC credential renewal requirements for ICF
  • Integrating somatic (body-energy) awareness into your coaching
  • Learning to coach clients at deeper levels of the transition process
  • Taking your coaching to a higher level of proficiency and benefit for your clients

Coaches I’ve mentored say they value the way I’ve helped them:

  • Clarify their strengths and challenges as a coach
  • Develop greater confidence as a coach
  • Develop self-management skills
  • Communicate more clearly and productively with their clients
  • Gain awareness and confidence in using the ICF Core Competencies
  • Support their clients more effectively in achieving their goals

When Is Having Mentor Coaching a Wise Investment?

Are you definitely going for an International Coach Federation (ICF) ACC or PCC credential?  Then you know you’ll have to have ten hours of mentor coaching from a qualified mentor coach for your application.

When else can working with a mentor coach be a wise investment of your time, energy, and money?  If you know you want to learn new skills to integrate with your coaching, focus on developing certain aspects of your coaching, or coach particular groups of people, mentor coaching can be very helpful.  In choosing a mentor coach then, you’d look for one with experience in any of these areas on top of their skill as a coach.  For example, if you’d like to understand more about what’s involved in helping your client make an authentic transition, you might be interested in some mentor coaching from me, since that’s a focus area of mine.

You will find value in any amount of time you spend in coaching.  For coaches needing 10 hours of mentoring for ICF credentials, it’s best to spread out these hours so you have time between sessions to practice new skills and record client sessions to review with your mentor coach.  For this reason, I find that coaches do well with 2 hours of mentor coaching per month over a 5 – 6-month period.

If you’re doing mentor coaching for other reasons, it usually takes 6 – 12 hours of coaching over 3 – 6 months to gain confidence in the new coaching skills you’re actively developing. In the largest sense, investing in mentor coaching periodically during your coaching career offers you invaluable support in developing your potential to help your clients make wise choices leading to fulfilling outcomes.

Why Work with Eve As Your Mentor Coach?

As an experienced, certified mentor coach with a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential from the International Coach Federation (, I’ve provided mentoring to professional coaches like you since 2009.  I’ve also completed the course, International Mentor Coach Training Beyond Models, facilitated by Marion Franklin, MCC, and Edmée Schalkx, MCC, for my ICF-approved mentor-coach certification.

In addition, I’ve offered presentations and teleclasses since 2009 on working with the three-step model of transitions as a process of change developed by William Bridges, author of the seminal book, Transitions Making Sense of Life’s Changes.  Skillful coaches recognize that making authentic changes involves more than starting something new in your life.  It also is about helping clients become aware of what’s going on inside themselves— their dreams, daydreams, new ideas, thoughts, and feelings.  Coaches who validate accessing intuitive knowing can help clients draw what is important from endings, and make new choices that feel successful and right for them.

I also have over 20 years’ experience as a somatic facilitator, helping people become aware of the energy of their own bodies.  By helping coaches learn how to work with body-energy awareness, I support them helping their clients learn to listen more deeply to their own intuition about making successful choices in their work and their whole lives.

My delight is helping coaches gain greater breadth, depth, and confidence in their coaching so they can more effectively support their clients in expanding their vision and achieving their goals and dreams.

Mentor Coaching Fees

For monthly and package rates, please go to “Fees & Services.”



“I worked with Eve during the process of renewing my ACC with ICF. I can’t start to say how much she helped me. When we started to work this time – she had been my coach twice before – I wasn’t coaching much and my confidence was really low. She encouraged me to start coaching more, and I ended up working with 6 clients during the period. She gave me invaluable feedback on the recordings she heard and took the time to review the ICF competencies and helped me understand where I could improve.


I feel I did improve tremendously during the period – even my clients noticed. Another driver of my success was to be able to reach Eve between sessions asking her to help me with ideas on how to approach certain topics or how to work with a difficult client. She was very responsive and her answers always very thorough. My experience of being coached by Eve has been so extraordinary that I know I will be working again with her at some point.”

— Anna Novaes, Leadership Development & Learning Design Expert, Lovettsville, VA


“After researching several different mentor coaches, I decided to go with Eve. I’d had reviewed her work on her website and had a consultation session with her after finding her in the CTI directory. I found her approach to coaching matched what I needed to help me with preparing for the ICF certification process. Eve’s masterful approach helped me develop and appreciate my coaching skills. Her insight and ability to spotlight areas to make my coaching stronger was invaluable.

After each session, I found myself reflecting on the things we discussed which gave me better insights into how to improve coaching I provide to my clients. Of the many things I learned about myself, she helped me understand that coaching should be flowing and a connected experience so that it felt more like dancing in the moment versus working hard.

— Michael Burks, Professional Life Coach & Certified Daring Way Facilitator


“Eve has been an incredible support to me during the last 2+ years while I have been building my coaching career.  After doing some initial coaching training, I was seeking a mentor who I could turn to with questions I had about clients. I got so much more than this with Eve! She has become one of my biggest champions and is as invested in my success as I am.


I know I can always count on her to be incredibly responsive to my concerns, thoughts, and needs as a coach. Specifically I can email Eve at any time between sessions and get a speedy response that is thoughtful, thorough, and always insightful. As a result, I can respond to my own clients’ needs that much quicker and with much more confidence. I cannot imagine these last few years without Eve’s support and guidance.”

— Ruth Ann Binder, Professional Life Coach, Oakland, CA


Eve Siegel officially mentored me as part of the required steps for renewing my International Coach Federation’s (ICF) credential– and she was an excellent choice! Her passion for coaching and love of helping fellow coaches really came through in her work with me. Under her guidance, I gained a deeper coaching knowledge and skill set with which to serve my clients, and was able to renew my Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential with ICF.”

– Tom Nehrenz, ACC

“Huge, huge thanks, Eve, for sharing your mentoring and partnering expertise with me while helping me renew my ICF credential! Thank you for being there for me, and allowing me to experience new ways of deepening my intuitive wisdom about body-energy healing with my coaching— and for doing so with such gorgeous grace and gentleness. Working with you was such a wonderful way to explore, discover, and expand my work and my whole life!”

— Sydney Scott, Certified Life Coach, Sedona, Arizona


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