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Career Transitions for Professionals

As a career transitions coach, I work with professionals from many fields, a number of whom have had years of training and experience in a particular area– and who’ve come to a crossroads where something needs to change. As a certified life coach, I am trained to help people make conscious choices that lead to satisfying results. I can help you if you are:

  • Burnt out at your job and wanting a change
  • Wanting to find or create a way of working that you’re passionate about– even if it’s totally different from what you’ve ever done before!
  • Needing support with motivation and accountability to find a new job
  • Looking at possibilities for shifting career gears in retirement

For over 30 years– as a life coach, somatic therapist, and director of non-profit volunteer programs– I have guided hundreds of people in making career and other life transitions. I have seen the powerful impact that opening people’s vision for career changes that really fit with who they are and how they want to live can have.

People who’ve worked with me on making successful career changes say they’ve valued coaching with me because they:

  • Felt validated in going forward in the new directions they wanted
  • Felt supported in explored radically new possibilities for career changes
  • Were able to create positive changes that made staying in their current positions viable (e.g., flex time, shift in location, new job description)
  • Gained clarity about their purpose in working and living

If you’re ready to start making a vital change in your professional life, I’m delighted to share with you two free ways to experience how my coaching can support you in your career transition–

Click Here Free 30-minute consultation and a phone coaching session about something important to you so you can feel the value of coaching to help you achieve your goals
Click Here Free report on “Creating Meaningful Career Change from Challenge”

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Life in Balance

For many of the people I work with, re-balancing the priorities in their lives is a major issue. In fact, the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) 2009 study shows that for 75% of people who seek out coaching, this is one of their two top concerns. For my clients, some of the signs that they’re living without balance in their lives include:

  • feeling over-stressed
  • ongoing irritability
  • lack of physical fitness
  • inadequate time for family connection, self-care, creative expression.

Coaching allows you to envision your life the way you want it to be, then make new choices for action that support moving in that direction. As your coach, I help you keep your eye on the big picture of what you want, while holding you accountable for the steps you agree to take (e.g., a fitness plan, spending quality time with your family, not working on the weekends, beginning an art project). Step by step, you move into your desired vision of life where you feel replenished and re-connected.

My many years’ professional experience in the field of somatic energy work also lets me offer you many ways to manage stress and re-focus your energy to create balance in your life. I combine coaching with body-energy skills, encouraging you to use your intuition and become aware of how you’re really feeling. This helps you know when you need to say “yes” and when you need to say “no” to particular choices or action steps that you’re considering. This in turn builds your confidence so that you really know when you’re moving in the right direction in re-creating your life.

If you are experiencing any of the following, I invite you to try a free consultation with me about how life coaching with body-energy awareness can help you re-direct your most precious resources of time and energy into what matters most for you:

  • Difficulty finding time and space in your life to enjoy ongoing, quality connections with your spouse, partner, children
  • Feeling out of sorts, out of shape, or not living a healthy life style
  • Difficulty making time to engage in creative projects that express your passion and who you really are
  • Feeling enmeshed by work and family obligations and activities, with little time to connect with yourself
Click Here Free 30-minute consultation and a phone coaching session about something important to you so you can feel the value of coaching to help you achieve your goals
Click Here Free report on “Living Fulfilled– Finding Time for What Matters Most”

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CTI Certification Students

As a Coaches Training Institute (CTI)-certified life coach, it has been a delight for me to coach the passionate, motivated certification students I’ve supported and mentored through their rigorous, six-month CTI certification courses. The following are major reasons why the CTI students I’ve coached say they’ve gotten great value working with me:

  • Provides a consistent role model of a skillful, compassionate, aware life coach
  • Gives knowledgeable support for negotiating the different stages of the certification program
  • Gives them opportunities to explore more deeply skill areas and other aspects of the CTI Co-Active coaching model
  • Offers guidance in developing their coaching businesses
  • Provides support when “life happens” and personal difficulties arise during the certification process
  • Helps them stay connected to the “bigger game” they’re going for with coaching
  • Helps them in working with client challenges
  • Offers relevant coaching practice sessions to prepare for the final, oral exam

If you are interested in finding a coach for yourself for the CTI certification program, I’m happy to offer you a free consultation and sample coaching session. This will help you feel the quality of our connection together and find out how I can support you as your coach during this exciting period of your life!

Just contact me at to set up your session now.

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Why Work with Eve?

As a career and life coach for professionals, I give you quality and value for the time, money, and energy you invest in our work together. Some of the major reasons my clients have benefitted from their coaching with me include:

  • Professional coaching as a certified life coach (CPCC) trained in the rigorous certification program of the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) (– one of the most renowned coaching schools internationally. I’m also an associate certified member (ACC) of the International Coach Federation (– the umbrella organization that sets the professional and ethical standards for most major coaching institutes.
  • Over 30 years’ experience as a professional career/life coach, somatic (body-energy) therapist, and director of non-profit programs helping hundreds of people make significant, successful career and life transitions.
  • Creating a safe, open space for you to express yourself and explore freely what you want, who you are becoming, and how you will actualize your dreams. I am compassionate, intuitive, and creative, supporting you in finding your own, unique path with heart and meaning.
  • Skill in helping clients feel and increase their energy levels– a vital tool in making authentic choices leading to professional success and personal satisfaction. As a certified coach with somatic training, I can help you more fully experience and embody the commitment and inspiration you will need to get the best possible results from coaching.
  • Experienced in working with people from international backgrounds (in English). I’ve directed cross-cultural educational programs, and lived in Crete, Lisbon, Oaxaca, Quebec CIty, Tokyo, Stockholm, and Vienna.
  • Integrity and clarity about what coaching is with me and how we will work together. If you are serious about coaching, I offer a free sample coaching session initially for you to feel the power of coaching for yourself. In addition, I’m open to questions at any time about what is happening in our coaching for you.

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Coaching Fees

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Career Transitions

“Working with Eve was an instrumental part of my process to make a significant career and life transition. Having her thought partnership and skillful guidance was reassuring and, more importantly, equipped me with tools and strategies I needed to take the right steps. With Eve’s support, I was successful in finding work in the career arena of my choice.   Our coaching together helped me gain clarity and confidence in my path, and helped me feel ready to move forward. Thank you, Eve!”
–Janet Lesser, Nonprofit Management, San Francisco, California

“Eve has a wonderful way of shedding new light on deep truths–bringing to the forefront aspects of myself and my experience that were buried deep inside. Through coaching with Eve, I found new tools for understanding and integrating some of the knowledge from within that I hadn’t accessed as part of my day-to-day experience. I highly recommend Eve to anybody who has a desire to work towards a true alignment between inner values and outer manifestations in work and relationships.”

–Jesse Froehlich, small business owner, Santa Rosa, CA

When my doctor first suggested coaching with Eve to support my efforts to lower my blood pressure, it was like I found a life raft!  I was so stressed about work and so confused about my health and fitness issues– and didn’t know what to do first.  As it turned out, coaching helped me see the big picture of what I wanted for my life– and that helped me decide what changes I really needed to start making.  I’m very happy that it also offered me practical solutions and steps for managing and transforming stress and difficulties around work, health, and my desire for more creativity in my life.

One thing that’s really changed for me is how I’m letting go of the stress I used to put on myself.  I choose to accept that there are only so many hours in the day to work.  ‘Relaxed awareness’ is my perspective for living and working now. 

One of the first things I worked on with Eve was learning to manage my time and energy on the job, so I was able to go out of the office at lunch almost every day and take a walk.  That was a huge step that empowered me to make other changes to lessen my stress level and feel more clearly how I wanted to live my life.  I used feel I had no time for myself, but now I’m able to do creative projects, my job, and have quality time for my family.

Because I also chose to do “body-energy experiencing” work with Eve in conjunction with the coaching, I feel a lot more comfortable about living in connection with my body.  I’ve learned that reducing stress helps me reduce my weight and feel better about myself.  I’m more mindful about what I eat and how I exercise– and feel I’m moving in the right direction for physical and emotional health.”

— Joel Edwards, architect, San Francisco, California

“Going through the coaching process with Eve was of great value to me. Working with her helped me stay focused on my goals and committed to carrying through with my plans.  In addition to holding me responsible regarding my “homework” activities between our sessions, Eve also helped me find new perspectives, better solutions. and a bigger vision for the changes I wanted to make. Eve holds a high degree of professionalism in her coaching, and I can highly recommend her as your coach.”

— Eva Sørung, certified life coach, Norway

“When I found myself on the cusp of yet another transition, I decided that it would be helpful to have some outside guidance to boost my confidence in finding a new career.  My quest was to find a coach who specialized in career transitions.  Though I almost chose a coach with strong opinions and the potential to guide me right into a new job quickly, I began to fear I might get stuck in another position that wasn’t right for me, yet again….

In speaking with Eve, I realized that it could be important to take a step back and see the bigger picture of my life first.  Together we explored my core values, something that I had never done, which became a vital guide for considering what I truly wanted to do and be in my life.  Instead of focusing on my original, very narrow goal– “I want to find the perfect job”– we took time to explore what was important to me in the long term.  With Eve, I visualized how I really wanted my life to look and feel to make me happy.  Then she helped me uncover old habits that were holding me back, and develop new ones that allowed me to make the changes I wanted.”

    — Kelly Curtiss, marketing, food Industry, San Francisco, California

“I am forever grateful to Eve’s amazing, energy-centered coaching for reconnecting me to the vital, expressive part of myself I needed to fulfill my dream of being a professional public speaker!”

    — Jill Lebeau, MS, MFT, spiritual psychotherapist & motivational speaker, Albany, California

“I came to Eve because my lucrative and intellectually stimulating career had become profoundly unsatisfying.  The fall-out from my job unhappiness was coloring every aspect of my life, a dark fog of energy-draining overwhelm.  Slowly, patiently, Eve’s masterful coaching helped me clarify what is truly important to me in my life now, freed me from faulty assumptions, and gave me room to get to know who I am and where I want to go.  The fog is gone, as is the old job.  Life sparkles with possibilities and everything is fun again!”

      — Jenny Warila, Coach, educator, former high tech professional, Los Altos, California

“I’ve really enjoyed my coaching experience with Eve, and feel I have benefited significantly. Coaching’s real advantage as a transformative process is its clear goals and steps for success– I can see it, I’m going there. The great awareness for me now is realizing that I don’t have to do something difficult– such as finishing my book– all by myself. I have kindred spirits, including my coach, right here in my life, energizing me for my task.

Eve is a natural coach–flexible, imaginative, sensitive to others. She gives me space to be in my vision and doesn’t let me stay in the old, stuck places for long. She helps me make the steps towards my personal commitments realistic so I feel now that I can reach my goals.”

    — Catherine Pyke, Program Officer (private foundation), Larkspur, California

“I have made significant changes, and I continue to strive to live a much better life with meaning and purpose.  I thank you, because you helped me during our coaching sessions start this important journey.“

      — Maurice T., Pharmaceutical sales, New York, NY

“Thank you for your powerful coaching assistance! I’ve been able to make so many positive changes in my life– a salary raise, enlarging my vision for professional growth, and deepening my commitment to my health and well-being– through our valuable work together.”

    — Jim Walker, MFT, psychotherapist, Oakland, California

“With Eve, I discovered that my exhaustion, frustration, and feeling of wanting to give up work that I loved came from feeling demoralized and devalued. When Eve suggested that I raise my fees, I thought it was the most irrelevant and ridiculous thing that I’d heard. However, she was right. The clients that I work with now understand my need to do this, and they support me. With Eve, I also built a strategy for keeping up my energy throughout my long work day even while being in a very high level of physical pain. Eve helped me find a way to add to all of this a professional internship that I didn’t know if I could physically do, but which I found gave me great energy and satisfaction.

I’ve been able not only to continue my professional work, but also build into my life and work more of what I love and value. In short, the quality of my life has greatly increased. And so I feel I’ve been able to contribute more of my gifts to the world.”

    — Janet Jean Motika, music therapist, Oakland, California

“Eve’s coaching helped me understand what I needed to do to pursue a new phase of my professional career. Among other things, I learned to open my vision and transform my own inner barriers to success. When I received the job offer I sought, I realized fully the power of coaching to help me get what I really wanted.”

    — William Strawn, manager of legislative affairs, City & County of San Francisco, California

“I got so much more from our coaching than I ever imagined! I’ve moved along with my goal of expanding my Asian tour business– and see how it’s connected with growth possibilities in other areas of my life, too. Most significantly, you helped me envision the interplay among my values, my particular issues, and my energy.  I continue to feel highly motivated in marketing my upcoming tours and my photo cards. Thanks so much!”

    — Roger Harmon, former Peace Corps director (Thailand), Asia tour director, photographer, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Life in Balance

“I can’t believe this work! I had no idea that coaching with Eve would help open this new door in my life. My original goal was the need to clear stuff from my house. Now I see that freeing up space lets me really open my home and my heart to the people I care about. I feel good about inviting them over for dinner and letting them see the beauty in which I live. My life has turned inside out, and i feel great about new paths that are continuing to open for me!”

    — Steve Matosich, Photographer & Tour/gallery guide, San Francisco, California

“Coaching with Eve has helped me gain so much awareness about myself, my life, my patterns, and my work– and to see that there is more to life than just work.  Very importantly, I’ve learned what’s important to me as well as what gets in the way of leading the life I want.  With Eve’s assistance, I’ve developed better work/life balance.  I love it that I now have time for my relationship, social life, fitness activities, and creative projects during the evenings and weekends!”

— Julie Linden, Social Worker, Oakland, California

“Coaching with Eve was vital to transforming my life in several ways within six months:

  • Our work together helped my life move from hell to heaven when I was struggling with an incompatible architect to remodel my kitchen. I learned to stand up for what was important to me in creating my dream work space. I learned to communicate boldly– and gained the confidence I needed to find the right people to complete my new kitchen. I’m thrilled with it– and with the experience I gained through my coaching in creating it!
  • Having recently retired from a busy professional career, I used coaching to help focus and reframe my thoughts about this next phase of my life. I’m now making choices about the activities and people I want to engage with based on clarifying my current life vision and aligning my actions with what is most rewarding and energizing to me at this time.
  • Coaching also gave me the courage to embark on a solo travel adventure– another long-standing dream of mine. Eve and I explored this goal from many standpoints, including my expectations, fears, and purpose. This process gave me the confidence to go on a travel venture with a child-development focus in a developing country. This gave me a more enlightened understanding of poverty and politics, resulting as well in new, rewarding friendships.

In all these life transitions, Eve’s motivational support has helped me find new pathways for turning frustrating and/or angst-ridden situations into creative and joyous experiences with very affirming results. She brings not only her professional coaching skill, but also her warmth, caring, and integrity to the journey of stepping forward in new directions. I highly recommend her services to people ready to begin changing their lives in new, positive ways.”

    — Janet Constantinou, PhD, Child Development specialist, Stanford, California

Very importantly, coaching helped me articulate how much I wanted to attract a wonderful man into my life and have a family together.  I also wanted to leave my dead-end job and find work that would be inspiring and purposeful in a warm, creative environment.  I’m thrilled that I’ve now reconnected with a great guy who wants a family life with me and is supportive of my exploring a new professional direction.  Coaching also helped me gain the courage to leave my old job and plan my next steps for choosing work that I love based on my core values rather than just accepting whatever comes my way.   

I will continue to reach out to Eve as I manage this new phase of my career and life transition, because I know she will be there to give me the support I need and the guidance to remember the bigger picture.”

— Kelly Curtiss, Marketing, Food Industry, San Francisco, California

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CTI Certification

Eve is a really great coach to work with during the CTI certification program.  Her knowledge of the specific skills focused on in the program helped guide my specific growth path during the program.  Each session, we talked about a few of the skills I was particularly wanting to improve, and I got specific feedback and examples of how I could handle future coaching situations.  Eve was also a really supportive person to work with through the program.  The challenges of work/life balance were top of mind for me and we always spent time slowing it down, going into the body and trying to find clarity around what was most important for me in each moment.  I highly recommend her!”

   — Dayna Patterson, CPCC, Learning Consultant, Facilitator and Coach, Ontario, Canada

“Through my coaching with Eve for my CTI certification program, I quickly discovered what I was dismissing in my life with the assumption that those things were unchangeable. Eve consistently provided opportunities to distinguish the true nature of my life situation, to become clearly aware of where I am, where I want to go, and most importantly, what I need to do to get there. Eve helped me tap into the endless possibilities of living my life authentically and within my integrity.”

    — Robyn S. Povich, ACC, CPCC, Love What Is Life Coach, Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie,

“Eve is a caring, compassionate and highly perceptive coach who is both a strong champion and someone who is not afraid to tell the hard truth.  She was able to balance providing me with a safe and courageous space to explore my personal and professional hopes, dreams, challenges and fears, while at the same time providing me with practical tips and useful feedback about my developing coaching style and practice.”

      — Samantha Liapes, CPCC, Certified Life Coach & Nonprofit Consultant, Oakland, California

“Eve was fundamental for my development in a number of areas in the last year: work, family and personal overall. Since she is a great role model as a coach, she helped me develop my own coaching skills and was very supportive throughout my certification process. I also really value how she connected with me by understanding my preferences and needs as a client.”
– Anna Novaes, ACC, CPCC, Certified Life Coach & Manager of Learning, McLean, Virginia

“I worked with Eve Siegel throughout my coaching certification program at CTI.  Not only did she provide me with the support, examples and guidance I needed for my certification, she also provided amazing coaching for personal and professional challenges I was dealing with during this time.  Thanks to Eve, I feel that I now have the confidence and tools to forge ahead on my continuously unfolding journey as a coach, entrepreneur, wife and mom.”  

— Claudia Engel, CPCC, Certified Life Coach & Entrepreneur, Atlanta, Georgia

“Eve was my biggest advocate through the CTI coach certification program.  She is supportive, compassionate and insightful.  With her help, I was able to balance the program, a full-time job, my personal life and teaching another course!

— Michele Kawamoto, CPCC, Certified Life Coach,, Massachussetts

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