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Wednesday December 4, 2013

  • Is your work life fulfilling or a burden?
  • If you want to or have to go on working, what would you really like that to look like?
  • What stops you from making this change?
  • What can empower you to take the leap?

Transformative skyIf these questions catch your interest and speak to you, please join Tamara Alferoff and me in a supportive, interactive space where we will brainstorm ideas, inspire and challenge each other, and identify your next, essential step to create the livelihood and life you love.

Few people give themselves permission to have big enough dreams of what they want to do.  This teleclass will provide a safe, creative space to open your mind and heart to what you're feeling called to do now at this time in your life.

Because when you really feel and understand the depth of what you want for yourself– in your body, mind, and spirit– you will know, with confidence and clarity, what you have to do.  Then the transformative path opens before you, often with surprising ease.  The actions you take from this inner awareness will lead you to greater career and life satisfaction.

I’m honored to be co-facilitating this teleclass with my wonderful colleague, Tamara Alferoff, Psychotherapist and Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie.  Using group inquiries and discussion, plus coaching and somatic exercises, we’ll guide you in exploring:

  • Opening your vision and listening to your call?
  • What holds you back?
  • What supports your leap forward?

All participants are eligible to receive a free 30-minute session of personal inquiry work from Tamara and a 30-minute session of career/life transition coaching from Eve to complement this class.

Genuine beginnings depend upon . . . inner realignment rather
than on external shifts, for when we are aligned with deep longings . . .,
we become powerfully motivated.
— William Bridges, Transitions



  • Date: Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013
  • Time:  9:00 – 10:30 AM Pacific (10:00 – 11:30 AM Mountain; 11 AM – 12:30 PM Central; 12 – 1:30 PM Eastern; 5 – 6:30 PM England; 18h:00 – 19h:30 Europe).
  • Where:  In the comfort of your own home or chosen environment
  • Cost:  $35 USD

RSVP:  Teleclass confirmation and dial-in information will be given when you complete the payment process on PayPal by clicking the Buy Now button below.


Eve Siegel, M.S., PCC, CPCC, is a certified life coach and somatic facilitator in the San Francisco area whose passion is helping professionals transform lack of clarity and burnout into rewarding new ways of living with careers they love, nurturing relationships, creativity, self-awareness, enjoyment, and well-being.

For information about Eve’s ebook, Success with Soul– Loving Your Livelihood, Living in Balance, go to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or The paperback version of Success with Soul will be available through Amazon starting November 15, 2013.

Eve enjoys coaching individuals and groups, and welcomes invitations to participate in teleclasses, workshops, and retreats on such topics as: work with soul, authentic living, facing the fear of change, successfully navigating transitions, envisioning retirement, curiosity and creativity at work, and body-energy awareness for aliveness and well-being.

For a free consultation about coaching and body-energy experiencing, contact Eve at  For further information about her work, free articles and blog posts, go to


Tamara Alferoff, MA, Dip Psych, UKCP, is a Supervisor at the Transpersonal Psychotherapy at CCPE in London, where she has been a Core Staff member since 1986, and a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie.  Her great delight is bringing her energy, skill, and experience in the service of spreading understanding and joy through Inquiry into the workings of your mind.

She loves making The Work’s inquiries available to people who want to live a stress-free life, via individual, couple, and group work, and workshops, teleclasses, and residential retreats in UK, Europe, USE, Middle East.  You can contact Tamara at: or 

“Tamara is a woman of full integrity and honesty. She is so open and available. Her journey has been strong, and her joy, love for life and others show you how deeply she's done her inner-work. She is the kind of person you are grateful to have in your life, and I know you will be even more grateful to work with her as a Certified Facilitator. You are in for a wonderful ride. Enjoy! I highly, highly recommend Tamara.”
     — Tania Fierro, Certified Facilitator of The Work, Director of Innerland.





For Your Group

I love to share my enjoyment in helping professionals who are feeling stuck in career and other life transitions learn how to move forward again with confidence, clarity, and passion!

Over the past decade, I've offered a range of lively, interactive presentations and tele-classes on how to make and manage changes that support people in taking charge and developing their work and other aspects of their lives with purpose and awareness.

If your organization or group would like to host an on-site presentation or tele-class using coaching techniques to motivate your members or staff, please contact me now at


Previous Presentations

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  • Invest in Yourself for Professional, Personal, & Spiritual Growth

I am also delighted to create other presentation topics tailored to the particular interests of your group or organization.


Sponsoring Organizations (a partial listing)

Agilent Technologies, Association for Humanistic Psychology (AHP), California State University at Hayward, Elephant Pharmacy (Berkeley, Palo Alto, San Rafael, CA), San Francisco Gay Buddhist Fellowship, The Healing Woman Foundation, San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, and Stanford University Alumni Association.

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"I could hear lots of people participating in your teleclass today, which shows they were interested in the subject, facing the fear of change.  It was great to hear the way you facilitate, and how you are able to blend coaching and somatics in a presentation.  I got some insights…and appreciate the way you did it. Great learning for me!  Really, the class seemed too short– I could have stayed half an hour more.

   — Jeanne-Elvire Adotevi, CPCC Executive and Leadership Co-Active Coach,    

"I so enjoyed your teleclass on facing the fear of change!  Here is what "sparked" in me: 1) The idea of creating (or maintaining, or returning to when off balance) a ‘right relationship’ with fear, of dancing and balancing with my fear.  I can respect fear's prudent approach to change while not allowing fear to call the shots or ‘drive the bus.’

You asked, ‘What is there in you that can act as a counterpoint to fear?’  I liked that, because it tied in with the idea of balance, having a counterweight to fear's heaviness, igniting the spirits of both Curiosity and Playfulness."

     — Peggy Tileston, Integrative Wellness Therapist,

"Great workshop Eve!  Loved the somatics approach (visualization/fist exercise).  You have a fantastic presence, and I look forward to working together on another kind of project in this area soon!"

     — Farhana Huq, Co-Active Coach®, Consultant & Speaker,

"I really enjoyed your teleclass on “facing the fear of change”!  I learned some new things that will be very useful in my work, especially that simple exercise with the clenched fist.  Quite enlightening, even aside from the body sensations.  Now I want to look at your book!

I also hadn't really thought about fear being isolating, and I now realize that I need more support around this for building my business. I've been trying to do it all on my own, and it’s been too hard.  This understanding will help me with in my work with my clients, too.

I really liked the experiential quality of your class and found lots of value in the back and forth conversations between you and the participants.  Well done!"

     — Ann Marshall, Spiritual Health Practitioner,

"I was really moved by being part of your tele-conference, "Celebrating Your Life!" It seemed like such a timely and appropriate thing to do just before the holidays.  There is always something to pause for, celebrate, and be grateful for, even in times of hardship and adversity like this past year.  It is really important to stop everything and take stock of the year gone by, remembering to highlight all the good things we have experienced and accomplished.

I was specially moved by your attentiveness and presence, Eve. You guided us along and brought us together by asking questions that made us realize we had all actually made progress, made some right decisions for ourselves, and that these were worth acknowledging.

In a year when the balance of so many lives has tipped more towards worry and anxiety, we still had bright moments of success and victory– and with your help we remembered them, and indeed had cause for celebration. That felt as good as it was important.  Thank you."

     — Ida Alamuddin, novelist & artist, Novato, California

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