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Is Coaching For You How Coaching Works 

What is Coaching?

Co-Active Life Coaching is a motivational partnership experience for people committed to taking powerful steps towards overcoming obstacles while fulfilling cherished goals and dreams. As a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC), I am trained and fully committed to helping you make the career and life changes you really want.

It is not easy to go through transitions and initiate change. If it were, you would already have made these changes. Working with a certified, co-active coach gives you the inner flexibility, awareness, motivational support, and accountability you need to achieve what is important to you.

Coaching is about looking at what is important to you now, and learning how to go forward. When you work with a trained, certified coach, you learn to make the career and life changes you want effectively and synergistically. My clients often find that they end up meeting several, sometimes seemingly unrelated goals, because creating one positive change leads effortlessly into others.

Coaching will help you:

  • Expand your vision of what is possible and desirable in your life
  • Open yourself to new, sometimes radically challenging, possibilities
  • Be accountable for the actions you say you want to do
  • Motivate you to keep going when the path feels rough at times
  • Make choices that feel right to you
  • Feel your power to do what you want to do
  • Become the person you really want to be
  • Achieve your goals and dreams

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Is Coaching for You?

Coaching is a dynamic, powerful way to make your future what you want it to be. If you are committed to trying coaching, one of the best ways to know if it has value for you is to try a free, sample session with a certified career/life coach like me to explore making a change.

You’re a great candidate for quality coaching if…

  • You have a change you really want to make in your life
  • You want a supportive relationship with a professional who will listen to your concerns, be your champion, and encourage you to go for your dream
  • You are willing to commit some time and energy to following through with your agreements with your coach
  • You’re interested in learning more about what motivates and inspires you
  • You want the benefits of working with a well-qualified coach– preferably, certified by an institute approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) in the techniques and skills for making positive, successful change

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How Coaching Works

Coaching with me begins by exploring your values, dreams, motivation, and goals for opening your life and creating the career and other life changes you want. Subsequently, we set up your monthly coaching schedule (usually two hours per month by phone or in my office near Berkeley, California).

For each session, we focus on whatever topic you bring to the session and such aspects as:

  • gaining new perspectives
  • dealing with obstacles
  • making new, transformational choices that lead to success!

Between sessions, I encourage you to keep in contact with me as you follow through with interesting, relevant assignments that expand what you’re learning into practical steps and a wider vision of possibilities. The more energy and commitment you bring to taking action, the more fully you will experience the power of coaching to realize your dreams.

You will find value in any amount of time you spend in coaching. Realistically, however, it takes about three months to gain clarity in what you really want to do and begin to go forward toward your goals. This is because co- active coaching is much more than checking off laundry lists of to-do items. In the largest sense, it’s about becoming aware of who you really are and how you wish to live your life to the fullest. From this foundation, the action steps you plan and take will feel right to you and lead to satisfying outcomes.

My clients enjoy our coaching sessions, which are lively, experiential, focused on you, and bring positive results!

I coach many clients by phone– locally and world-wide. This provides you with skilled assistance easily and conveniently from wherever you are.

You are also welcome to see me in-office (near Berkeley, California) for coaching on its own or in combination with body-energy experiencing sessions.

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