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Integrating Somatic (Body-Energy) Awareness with Coaching

This intensive coaching session is for coaches who want to explore how to connect with and use body-energy awareness to help your clients tap into their radiant aliveness and create the life of their dreams!

This Deep Dive Experience includes—

4-hour “Integrating Somatic Awareness into Your Coaching” intensive (by phone or Skype) to assist you as coach more effectively support your clients make the changes they really want.  This exploration will include discussion of somatic principles, plus experiential exercises you can use with your clients to help them:

Sunshine Man 4 Hour Deep Dive Image

  • Open their energy with sensory awareness
  • Create a larger vision for the changes they want to make
  • Explore more options and possibilities for change
  • Make authentic choices based on body-energy awareness
  • Feel more confidence in accessing and using intuition (“gut sense”) for exploring new choice (Value – $1,200)

Special handouts and activities for your Deep Dive Experience based on materials from my book, Success with Soul— Loving Your Livelihood, Living in Balance  — to help you use body-energy awareness to deepen your clients’ ability to make the positive changes they really want. (Value – $300)

Written assessment for you based on your Deep Dive Day discoveries. (Value – $300)

90-minute follow-up session (by phone or Skype) to check in on how you’re your somatic awareness with your coaching clients, look over your follow-up assignments from your Deep Dive Experience, and plan your next action steps. (Value – $300)

BONUS #1: Unlimited email access to me between your Deep Dive Day and follow-up session. (Value – $300)

BONUS #2: Copy of my book, Success with Soul— Loving Your Livelihood, Living in Balance. (Value – $10)

“Huge, huge thanks, Eve, for sharing your mentoring and partnering expertise with me! I so appreciate your willingness to help take a deep dive into what I really wanted— integrating somatic awareness with my coaching. Thank you for being there for me, and allowing me to experience new ways of deepening my intuitive wisdom with my coaching— and for doing so with such gorgeous grace and gentleness.”

—Malia Rowan, Certified Life Coach, Washington, D.C.

Your Investment:

Total value of the “Success with Soul” Deep Dive Day is $2,410.

Yours for only $1,897 if paid upfront in full!


Need an investment payment plan?

Pay $947 down, plus 2 more monthly payments of $625. Total: $2,197.

INVEST IN YOUR LIFE NOW for $947 down, plus 2 subsequent, monthly payments of $625.



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